School Pantry Cupboards directly support children in need

MCKS Charitable Foundation UK provides schools across the country with support for food, toiletries and sanitary products by sending a weekly delivery to stock up their pantry cupboards.

The charity currently supports 16 schools across the country and aims to increase this to 100 within 12 months. Each school cupboard supports around 25 families a week and has become a vital life line for children and their families.

The Charity’s Chairman Les Flitcroft says that “our charity is dedicated to providing caring and compassionate support and our school pantry cupboards provide an efficient way to get food and supplies directly to children who need them most.”

Westminster UTC School in London who has received care packages from the charity commented, “Genuinely, we are extremely grateful for the support from MCKS Charitable Foundation UK. Quite often our students confuse feeling sick with being hungry but we are not always in a position to offer them anything other than water, the cereal bars provided helped them throughout the exam week. For many of our pupils who are facing homelessness or challenging financial situations at home, having basic items such as deodorant and shower gel will mean we can practically support our students in a very important yet discreet way with this help.”

Stewards Academy in Harlow, Essex has been receiving weekly food deliveries from the charity for over a year and are extremely grateful for the support. “The help from MCKS Charity this year has helped many at a time of worry, and the support of vouchers, food, sanitary supplies and toiletries has been invaluable to our families. We cannot thank the charity enough for their tireless work for our community of Harlow.”

Les comments further, “As with any charity we rely on donations to keep our services going and we would like to partner with corporate companies who can support the charity to continue this vital support.”

Schools who feel they could benefit from this ongoing service are asked to contact the charity for further information.


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