MCKS Charitable Foundation UK

Providing caring, compassionate support to people in need

Our charity provides schools across the country with food, toiletries and sanitary products so that children have consistent access to essential supplies through our School Pantry Cupboards.

We also run breakfast clubs and provide emergency supplies over schools holidays and during exam times for children and families who may be struggling.

Charity Number: 1188773

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If you are a corporate company and would like to discuss a partnership for any of our projects or would like further information please contact us.

MCKS Charitable Foundation UK
Account No: 54402189 | Sort Code: 40-38-04

“Life is like an echo. What you send out comes back to you many times.” – MCKS

How To Support Us

Our preferred online fundraising platform is JustGiving. 

 Visit and click on the blue Fundraise for us button. JustGiving will take you through some simple steps to create your personalised fundraising page.  

Please use this logo on your social media and emails to help promote our good work

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Facebook designed a feature that allows you to easily fundraise for any non-profit and it is easily accessible right from your profile menu. With just a few clicks you can start fundraising by selecting us as your chosen charity and share instantly with your friends.  


We’re so very grateful to you for your time and commitment in fundraising for the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK.  All of the money you raise from your events and activities makes a world of difference and every pound takes us closer to our goal so that children in our schools have consistent access to food, toiletries and sanitary supplies through our School Pantry Cupboards.

Some of the most vulnerable students in schools are facing extremely difficult life situations such as homelessness and financial hardship. These students can now visit their school pantries discreetly to get access to everyday essentials. The feedback (please link from the word feedback to our school pantries page) we receive from schools is heartfelt and humbling, and it is wonderful to know how much of a difference your support is already making. 

Please read our documents to support your fundraising efforts and an A-Z of ideas for activities and events. 
Our team are here to assist you and welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Top Tips for Online Fundraising

Online fundraising pages are a great way to seek donations and track your fundraising progress. They are easy to set up and share with potential supporters.  Our preferred online fundraising platform is Just Giving. 

Kick start your fundraising by using these Top Tips to maximise impact on your page.

Use simple ways to boost donations to your fundraising page by adding photos, setting a target and telling your story.  Personalize your story by letting supporters know exactly why you’re taking on this challenge.

Start with your first accomplishment and use fundraising milestones to share your page!  Think creatively, link a training app like Strava to document your journey.

Don’t stop, keep going!  Every penny you raise will help support children to have consistent access to food, toiletries and sanitary supplies and open new schools pantry cupboards across the UK.

Kick start your fundraising by donating yourself to show supporters you are committed.  Reassure people no matter how small the donation every penny will make a huge difference to the lives of children in the UK.

Post on all your social media channels-use the social media icons. Creating links and using a QR code is a quick and efficient way of directing supporters straight to your fundraising page. Add to your email signature, text, what’s app, website, link tree or create a poster. Remember, personal asks for support work just as well!

We love to hear fundraising success stories please email with photos, videos and details about your activities and your grand total so we can share this with others.

Our Corporate Partners

Gift Aid Donation Form

Gift Aid is reclaimed by MCKS Charitable Foundation UK from the tax you pay for the current tax year. Your home address is needed to identify you as a current UK taxpayer. * I want to Gift Aid my donation and any donations I make in the future or have made in the past four years to MCKS Charitable Foundation UK. I am a UK tax payer and understand that if I pay less Income tax and/or Capital Gains Tax then the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in the tax years it is my responsibility to pay the difference.
Disclaimer: MCKS Charitable Foundation UK will not share your details with any other charities and will look after your data as set out in our privacy policy. You can cancel this declaration at any time. Please notify MCKS Charitable Foundation UK if you no longer pay enough Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax to cover the amount claimed by MCKS, or if you change your name or address. If you pay Income tax at the higher or additional rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due to you, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self-Assessment return or ask HM Revenue and Customs to adjust your tax code