The Costello School community being supported by Basingstoke charity

MCKS Charitable Foundation UK provides schools with support across the country by sending a weekly delivery to stock up each of their cupboards that supports roughly 25 families a week. It also has a food pantry in the town centre along Alencon Link.

The unique partnership between the charity and schools was set up after visiting schools last year and hearing stories of children not brushing their teeth for three years, families sharing toothbrushes and struggling to provide essential toiletries or teenagers sofa surfing and simply not having access to these items. 

With National Hygiene Week approaching in October the charity is donating 500 wash bags of toiletries for schools across the country to distribute to children who do not have access to these basic provisions.

The Costello School has been supported by the charity for over a year. 

Assistant headteacher Claire Seddon said: “We are extremely grateful to MCKS charity and the work they are doing to support families and children in Basingstoke.”

The charity’s chairman Les Flitcroft said: “Our charity is dedicated to providing caring and compassionate support and our school pantry cupboards provide an efficient way to get toiletries as well as other supplies such as food and sanitary pads directly to children who need them most.”

Research conducted by The Hygiene Bank and Books reported that 84 per cent of teachers said that the cost-of-living crisis has meant that more children are deprived of basic hygiene items. 

Ruth Brock, chief executive of The Hygiene Bank, said: “The effects are heartbreaking, with children missing school days and showing lower levels of engagement with their peers and school activities. Initiatives like this one with MCKS Charitable Foundation UK make a real difference and show what can be achieved when communities and businesses work together to tackle hygiene poverty.”

Schools which feel they could benefit from this ongoing service can contact the charity for further information as they currently have the capacity to expand their services to another 30 schools by the end of the year. MCKS would send our a weekly package including toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gels, deodorants, food and sanitary pads.


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