Nursery raises money for charitable foundation

A Thatcham nursery is fundraising for charity, writes Shantal Mbaziira.

Staff and children at Little Me Day Nursery in Turners Drive is taking part in a number of activities and challenges to fundraise for MCKS Charitable Foundation UK.

It will join Little Me Day Nurseries from Basingstoke to London.

The charity provides food, toiletries and sanitary supplies to around 50 schools across the UK and would like to increase this to 100 schools by the summer.

It also offers a food pantry in Basingstoke where members can join without having to be referred and can stay members for as long as they like.

The pantry offers hot drinks and snacks in the kitchen, affordable grocery items for members and baby essentials for new mums.

Little Me Nursery group aims to fundraise £5,200 to support another school for a year.

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