Holly Lodge Girls’ College

Dear MCKS Charitable Foundation.

There are 82,205 children living in poverty in Liverpool City Region. This figure represents 25.6% of all
children. This is higher than all other northern city region areas and much higher than the National
Figure of 18.6%. These figures clearly show the enormous challenge faced by Liverpool City region

Increased living costs mean that families are having to cut right back on essential, which leads to a
drastic fall in living standards. This should be raising the fears of our government as living standards
for these families are worsening and having a negative lifelong impact on both physical and mental
health and Educational outcomes for children and young people.

Holly Lodge is proud of its yearlong partnership with MCKS Charitable Foundation. On behalf of the
Head Teacher – Mr Andrew Keen and all the staff here at Holly Lodge, we would like to give a huge
thank you to MCKS Charitable Foundation for supporting us with weekly donations that enable us to
continue to support our little part of the Liverpool City Regions young people, families and community.

Thank you.

Angie Martin
Student Support & Child Protection Officer.

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